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How to do the LED PCB Design?

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How to do the LED PCB Design

    LED PCBA board, with series LED arrays, or other driving/control control components assembled on the print circuit board, is the key parts for LED lighting. So how to do the good LED PCB design, it’s important process for led light design.


  1. Define the total LED Light purpose for the application. According to the lighting condition & requirement, the designs are divided into three parts. A. Light Optical Design; B. Light Mechanical Design; C. Light Electronical Design;

  2. With defined light optical requirement, like lumens/Lux, colors/control, PPFD, power watt, lighting place/environment, waterproof IP, lighting angle etc, then it can be defined the light watt, LED driving way, control way, LED chips/components/quantity, etc.

  3. Based on the light optical requirement, the light mechanical design for the light material, size, shape, structure for heat dissipation/led driver/led PCBA board/control system/connection way/waterproof etc.

  4. With forecasted budget and confirmed optical/mechanical requirement, the main parts, like the light housing, LED driver, LED Chip/electronical components etc. can be defined.

  5. With the fixed size, led chip & components pads, control way, the LED PCB design can be started. Do the LED PCB design with computer-aided design (CAD) software, Like DXP/AD, PADS, Allegro, Cadence etc. The actual LED PCB design will depend upon the light requirements in mind. There 3 key items of LED PCB design, 1) The scheme of PCB design, the LED Chip & components connects; 2) LED Chips places for the optical design; 3) High heat components places are layout for the better heat dissipation;

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