What Is LED PCBA Board?
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What Is LED PCBA Board?

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What Is LED PCBA Board?

1. What is LED PCBA Board?

2. Advantages of LED PCBA Board

3. LED Lighting Advantage

4. Make Your Own PCBA Board

With the development of electronics technology, PCB layout is a basic foundation for a various of electronic products, such as the development of LED lighting. The LED Chips and related components are soldered to the PCB board, features led chips that create lighting when are electrically connected. With the designed housing for heat dissipation, led driver, the LED Lights are combined for the lighting application.

What is LED PCBA Board?

LED, semiconductor diodes technology, is an abbreviation for light emitting diode. While SMD encapsulation type is the most widely used packaging way in LED applications during the SMT produciton. In general,  it's packed for the light emitted from a single standard LED Chips, like SMD2835, SMD3030 etc. So multiple LED chips would be used for a single light fixture to achieve sufficient lighting. Like other semiconductor chips, the PCB is the best method to electrically connect the LED chips. And a PCB with soldered LED components is usually called as “LED PCBA”or "LED PCBA Board".

CREE XML Full Color RGBW SMD5050 LED Light PCB Board assembly 1

While It is some difficult for the LED PCBA board to cool with traditional methods, Like FR4, CEM etc. as it would create a high volume of heat, special for big watt light ( like more than 30watt). So the metal core PCB (MCPCB) boards are often chosen for LED application with better heat dissipation ability. As normal, the aluminum base PCB is used to fabricate circuit boards for LED lighting. The aluminum PCB Boards, include a good thermal conductive layer of thermal conductive dielectric material layer, that can transfer and dissipate the heat better than the traditional rigid PCB, like FR4, CEM etc.

LED PCBA Simple Layers Structure

Advantages of LED PCBA Board

With the recent electronic products are smaller and thinner step by step, make it popular to use LED PCBA with various advantages as follows:

· Light weight for housing

· Dimensional stability

· Better Lifespan of product

· Dust and moisture resistant

· Moduling, make it easy to integrate into complex interface assemblies

· High Efficient lighting with lower power consumption

· Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and intensities choice

Two main reasons make the LED PCBA boards popular, in addition to increasing the complicate lighting application with integrating multiple LED components.

1.Tune the color/intensity function by integrating the LED components with different color temperatures or different colors on the same PCBA board.

2. Achieve the various light fixtures to meet different lighting requirements , that have different shapes, sizes and materials.

LED Lighting Advantage


LED chips are an more & more popular applied for lighting solution, improving product lifespan and friendly environmental application. There are many benefits of LED lighting, comparing with traditional lights as follows:

- Lower Energy Consumption: good qulity LED lights can be 5~8 times more efficient than traditional incandescent/HPS lights. On average, the LED lights can cut your energy consumption by more than 70% than the traditional lights.

-Longer Lifespan: good quality LED lights are with over 30,000 hours lifespan, which is over 6 times longer than traditional lights. So that it'll save you the time, money and effort involved in purchasing and installing new lights.

-More Efficienicy: Traditional incandescent/HPS light produces 70% or more of their energy as heat. LED lights cut this by up to 20%. It means more of your energy for lighting, and less unnecessarily heat.

-Better Compact & Shaping: LED lights have various sizes and types in applications due to LED Chips & components. It means producers can insert LEDs into anything from computers and smartphones, cars etc.

-Mercury Free: LED lights contain no mercury, unlike more traditional options. So LEDs have a better environmental protection than traditional lights and can be with easier disposal , without special disposal procedures.

-Wide Application Scope:  LED indicators and displays are always used in telecommunications equipment due to the surrounding machineries, like computure, mobile, automotive, TV, medical etc.  Therefore, the aluminum-based LED PCBA makes a useful the application on more and more people's living scopes. 

Make Your Own PCBA Board

High Brightness 10W Cree XML LED Chip Torch Light PCBA Printed Circuit Board Assembly

With more & more adavanted LEDs technology, it can be changed our living environment better and better. Maybe a good mind from your brain hole, one thing will be chaged our life totally. If need such thoughts, please keep your mind and inform your idea, then we can realize your idea together. Technolongy changes our living, cooperation makes our life better.


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