What is most important wavelength for planting?​
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What is most important wavelength for planting?​

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What is most important wavelength for planting?

After discussion of <what is LED PCBA Board>, it’s known that the needed wavelength can be defined for LED board. It’s important application for LED technology for our living. It can be applied for medical, agriculture, LED Screens, stage lighting design. Now let’s talk the recent very popular application filed: LED Grow Light.


To fix what good spectrum for LED grow light, it should be made sure what most important wavelength for planting. From studying, the visual wavelength 380~780nm from sunshine, UVA: 380~400nm’s good for seeding and sterilization; Blue: 430~460nm is good for pants growing; Red 620~640nm is good for fruiting; Hyper RED 650~660nm is good for flowering and fruiting; Far RED 730~740nm is good for blooming & flowering; Green: 530~550nm & Infrared: 780~1400nm is not very specific reaction for planting as shown.

Spectrum for Planting

From the absorption curve during plants photosynthesis as shown, the most important main wavelength: 450nm, 660nm, 730nm as shown.

Spectrum for Planting 2

 For our recent white LED Chips, the blue chipset: 440~470nm is encapsulated with yellow fluorescent powder on the LED bracket. The blue/red wavelength is natural strong for the white LED Chips. So normal LED grow light with specific white LED chips will be fit for most plants as shown.

Spectrum for Planting 3

Off course, there remain special enforced wavelength for specific plants. It should be designed with some special wavelength led chips for the LED Light. Show our hot sale-Alpha QP304+16 LED Grow Light Spectrum chart, which is designed for needed high PPFD plants lighting, like Melons, jackets, beans, potatoes, and cannabis etc. It’s lighting for indoor planting environment. Hope our professional LED grow light can help for your planting.

Spectrum for Planting 4


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