What means between L90B10 & L70B50 of light?
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What means between L90B10 & L70B50 of light?

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What means between L90B10 & L70B50 of light?

People knows the lifetime of LED light, but do you know how to indicate the end life and related lifetime? L and B can help you to know professionally.

L defines the percentage of lumen comparing with the original lumens. B value means the failure data at the L data. So LB value indicate the real lifetime at a certain hours.

In 50,000hours normal aging test, L90B10 means the LED lamp keeping 90% lumen from original lumen and only 10% light failed to reach 90% lumen. while we can get clearly L70B50 means only 50% lamp survive at 70% lumen remaining at 50,000 hours.

So L90B10 light decay is much better than L70B50 at the same using time.

Now are you clear the LB value?



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