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  • Q Why choose R2T?

    A R2T is a professional experienced company since 2008 which could give customers one-site product services, including designed proposals of LED PCBA & LED COB with 3RND & 4ENG Employees work-team with about 5~10 years’ experience, and good-qualified manufacturing of PCB Board & LED COB. 
  • Q What is LED COB?

    A COB is denoted Chip on Board which is traditional technical craft for Electronics fields while LED COB is LED Chipset die bonding on board with silicone gel encapsulation which the bonding boards are always Copper/Aluminum/Ceramic substrate. LED COB is mainly adopted in some high power LED lighting project with good performance & appearance. 
  • Q What is LED PCBA?

    A LED PCBA is defined board for the LED Lighting which is contained with LED PCB board & LED Chip & other some Electronical components. As it’s with good heat dissipation & economical, it’s quite popular in the LED market.
  • Q What is PCB?

    A PCB is denoted Printed Circuit Board, which is popular adopted in the electrical & photoelectrical fields. There remain normal material for PCB substrate, such as FR4, CEM-1/2/3, Flexible, Metal core substrate (Aluminum, Cooper), Ceramic etc. For LED field, it’s normally adopted with MCPCB (metal core printed circuit board). 
  • Q What is LED?

    A LED is denoted Light Emitting Diode, which convert electrical energy directly to light through the movement of electrons within the material of the diode. LED is important due to their efficiency & low energy consuming, so is replacing most conventional light sources;

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